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La compagnie super super

What is it? Who is it?

The Company Super Super approaches its work with an emphasis on strong, non-realistic formats, highlighting the innate theatricality of its various creations, both past and future

Without belonging to a particular current or school, the aim is not to make the audience laugh but to find out where the audience is already laughing.

A smile, a sparkle in the eyes are signs of resonance in the person watching. This is the reality, filled with affection and subtlety, that we aim to touch.

Humour is a means for the company to speak about simple things, to ask questions about sensitive subjects, even deep subjects, while remaining delicate and off-beat to the point of absurdity.

The quest of the Company is to explore whether we can experience situations and share states of mind and feeling with only a minimum of words.

This approach has left its mark on the Company's artistic universe, with its emphasis on acting out emotion through the physical and sensory skill of the performer before giving way to words.